Those Little Things

Eavesdropper/Wall piece, 2018
Group show curated by MANIERA
2018 - MANIERA gallery, Brussels

As found object, cement, steel anchor
Variable dimensions and each unique

This object partakes in a scenario of domestic life. It takes the specific action of eavesdropping within that scenario and solidifies it. If this domestic, contained life consists of people, things and actions, the wall piece would simply be a thing that’s evidence of an action. It is one example of an action among many in one’s daily life that generally leaves no permanent trace or begs for physical representation. Having those actions concretely translated into things could result in a family of hyper naive objects, suited for everyday life.

The object starts from an as found cup, beaker or glass. Its bottom gets perforated, a steel expansion anchor is fitted and secured with a thin layer of cement. This layer simultaneously prevents the anchor from rotating and acts as the necessary layer which vibrates along with the adjacent wall.