It Never Ends, temporary installation (ticket office, public furniture, café & tea room, lighting)

Design and production
Show by John M. Armleder, curated by Yann Chateigné, 2020-2021, KANAL - Centre Pompidou, Brussels

The interventions on the ground floor of KANAL - Centre Pompidou display a closed loop process of materialization. Different functions, such as ticket offices, wardrobe, bookshop, public furniture, café and tea room adopt a common language. Their language refers to the essence of a scenography, in the sense of a staged reality, but also to its physical context by reusing the building’s discarded materials. While the café reinterpretes a favorite tea room of Armleder’s, the ticket office and public benches recreate the environment of Geneva’s bus and train terminals.

The interventions ride a difficult line between adding to an artist’s solo show and intervening in the museum as a general public space.

This project is an artistic collaboration with Bureau Barbier Bouvet.