Maxime Prananto runs a design and production practice of interventions in architecture and art spaces. The practice consists of public and private commissions.
It also functions as a production studio for other artists and makers.

It deals with the simultaneous design and production of objects, scenography, furniture, exhibitions and sculpture. While its output is varied, each undertaking relies on a voluntary set of conceptual and physical boundaries.
Underlying themes of the practice include manufacturing, logistics and iconography in the built environment. The attempt within the practice is for work to materialize intelligently within certain circumstances and references without the result of a self-intelligent work.

In this sense, the aim is to be neutral and to propose a matter-of-factness about the conditions in which work is being made. Nevertheless, all interventions reflect a sensitivity to the beauty of constraints and gather meaning throughout the entirety of their process. 

He teaches several courses and studios in architecture and interior architecture at the University of Leuven.